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Kremlin Spray EquipmentKremlin manufactures spray equipment for varnishes, paints, glues, and sealants in the wood, metal, plastic and automotive markets worldwide.

The Kremlin Airmix® spray technology, as its name implies, is a highly efficient coating atomization process caused by a mixture of forces. Medium range hydraulic pressures on the fluid, developed by a pump, forces the paint through a small orifice mounted in an air-cap at very low fluid velocity. This hydraulic force produces an initial projection (fan) of tiny paint droplets that with the assistance of slight pneumatic forces causes a uniform dispersion of finely atomized particles to travel at a low velocity of approximately 2 feet per second towards the intended substrate.

The pneumatic force is relatively light compared to other atomization methods. Patented air-cap technology directs the relatively small volume, low pressure stream to smoothly blend into the fan versus impinge it. This low turbulent, low velocity paint atomization technology allows a high degree of control in depositing a coating to its intended surface.

Kremlin Airmix® is the prominent spray technology asked for in wood, metal, and composites finishing applications.

Airmix® spraying systems are in service in finish departments of companies large and small, providing an efficient spray finishing process, saving usually 30% of coatings, as well as compressed air costs.

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Featured Products

A25 HTi Gun – Stainless Steel

Modular design with excellent finish quality by very low pressure spraying.

Kremlin Features   Benefits
Excellent atomization quality with outstanding transfer eficiency   Excellent finish quality, reduced paint costs, cleaner working environment, lower booth maintenance
Modular design   Quick service: only 4 bolts to unscrew, no need to remove hoses
Built-in valve   Non air-bleeding gun
All stainless steel construction   Compatible with new future materials (water-based products, etc...)

Airmix 10.14 - Start Pump

This is the new entry level Airmix® pump. It uses the same high efficiency and environmentally firendly technology that is found on the 10.14 pump. This pump is ideal for small to hobbyist shops that can benefit from the power of Airmix®.

Kremlin Features   Benefits
Small fluid section and suction rod   Less product loss during color-changing and pump flushing
The gun/pump kit works with a compressor of 1.5 HP   Reduction of operational costs
Simple design , reduced number of spare parts   Easy maintenance
Compact design   Fits in small working areas


The M22 A HPA is a suction fed gun with unsurpassed ergonomics designed for hard to atomize coatings.

Kremlin Features   Benefits
New ergonomics and body design   The gun is part of the operator's arm who can focus on the application and the spraying movement for an improved quality
Unique aircap design   Unsurpassed finish quality with perfectly balanced fan
Fine thread stuffing box   Fine control of the needle tightening torque for an improved sealing
Reduced number of components   Easy maintenance